Steph Curry seriously injured?

/Steph Curry again injured, does that mean over for the Basketball-Superstar?

Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry had to leave a 119:113 victory against the Dallas Mavericks during the third quarter due to injury. Curry had a slight collision with Mavericks star McKinley Wright IV, causing apparent pain in his left knee. An initial ultrasound examination reportedly revealed no clear injury, but further examination will be done with an MRI. 

Warriors coach Steve Kerr said “Every time a player goes for an MRI, there is a level of concern” and added “We have to wait and see the results. Fingers are crossed.” This is not Curry’s first injury this season, as he missed several weeks in mid-December due to a shoulder injury. The Mavericks played without their superstar Luka Doncic, and their best scorer was Spencer Dinwiddie with 25 points. Both teams have nearly equal records and are fighting for a spot in the playoffs.

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